Maia Stefana Oprea

a�?I am always doing things I cana��t do, thata��s how I get to do them!a�?- Pablo Picasso

Important appeal

Maia needs urgent support! She received a highly competitive full scholarship from Savannah College of Art & Design, the US, one of the top arts schools in the world but she does not have enough financial resources to leave for the studies! You are welcome to visit her personal exhibitions in November - December and January 2007 to buy flonase otc cost cvs her artworks. Just 18 years old, Maia is an awarded artist at an international level and renown for her talent. Her art has impressed thousands of people and numerous personalities have already bought her art. A newspaper quote from Adevarul in April 2006 says that even the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry has promised during the “Book festival- Cafeneaua literar - artistica” to buy her art to beautify the Romanian consulates and embassies abroad…Well, do you feel lucky enough to have one of her paintings to rival ;) an embassy?

Scroll down to read her resume&essay and browse her impressive international awards. Her art is available at

Maia’s Essay
“Adevarul” newspaper article 2006 (Romanian)

Essay: A Little Bit of Myself, My Past Achievements and My Future Plans

I come from a high school (a�?Nicolae Tonitzaa�? Fine Arts High School, Bucharest) and country (Romania) in which only the best succeed in art. This has never made me give up or hold back, but on the contrary, has made me fight for a world that unites human aspirations towards goodness, beauty and truth — towards everything that means art. I am now willing to leave the environment in which I was born and where Ia��ve always lived.

This is not at all a renunciation of my goals, but the hope that I may learn new traditions, a wider range of art expressions, broaden my horizons by experiencing new cultures, places and people; extend my ideas, visions and styles, and acquire new knowledge. I choose to aim as high as possible, and I will do my best to attain the end of the long way I have to cover in order to progress until I can truly enrich this universe.

If I had to characterize myself, I would say that I am a very ambitious, persevering and hard-working person. I also like very much working in teams, although I still tend to rely on my own forces. My spontaneous initiative, determination, and constant, restless creativity (which lends a certain emotional interiority, that I personally think is specific to an artist), guide me towards many artistic domains. Therefore, I choose to create endlessly with: joining representation modalities (in fields as: painting and drawing in all their forms, engraving, sculpture, graphic design, advertising design, interior design, illustration, architecture, and more), experimenting in new mediums (starting from pencil, charcoal, watercolor, pastel, tempera, gouache, to oils and acrylics, on different materials, combined as strangely as possible), discovering new techniques and formulas (uniting classical materials and recipes of the great masters with modern digital manipulating methods, working in specialized computer programs, photo manipulation, video editing, etc).

My future life plans are very numerous and diverse, starting from uniting the above mentioned plans (in compositions and installations well knit together, having a solid ideological and affective structure to rely on) and continuing with the innovation of a personal style, by combining fine arts with the other arts that are so close to my soul. I would call these mixed, audiovisual, mobile, temporal: dramatic arts (I attended drama courses for 3 years at the National Palace of the Children in Bucharest), literature (I participated in many contests of Romanian Literature and Language), mathematics with all its implications in graphic arts, dance and music performance (I have studied piano since I was a very young, and I have recently started taking dance classes), movie-making, and art and architecture history — which was a deep preoccupation during my first high school years, as I think an artist cannot develop himself if he is unacquainted with these domains.

These plans can be fulfilled only in an educational complex that will allow me to perceive them holistically– Buy to form a global view, and to understand arts as an ensemble found in total communion. I can’t do this in Romania, where the specialization in a certain, singular domain (the one that you choose as basis) is very strict, having no interference with other art domains, considered to be out of the range.

The diversity that I wish for in art extends through my life. I have always tried to do a little bit of everything: I experienced all sports that I could afford to practice (swimming, tennis, ice-skating, roller-skating, cycling, skiing, hiking, and many more), and I participated wholeheartedly in community events a��I am part of the international organization a�?Save the Children”a�� cross races, and have participated in the following: a�?Arte e Artaa�? Romanian Foundation (March 2006).

Thus, I’ve integrated myself into groups as heterogenous as possible.
This is the way I have sought to express my freedom of options, variety of interests, and my hunger for novelty and knowledge. I feel that the aesthetical satisfaction must be put in contact with different practical and intellectual satisfactions, in order to produce and enjoy subtle and complex forms. I believe there is no must in art; art is free.

In the end, I would like to quote a passage that would characterize me on the whole: a�?I am always doing things I cana��t do, thata��s how I get to do them!a�? (Pablo Picasso).

30 June, 2006


Cell: +(4)0726 129 649

Birth Date:

21.12.1987, Bucharest, Romania


Visual Arts Contests

Award for Singe Creations At The XXIV th EXHIBITION of International Contest in MACEDONIA (May 2006)

Honorable Mention (section: Painting) in the National Contest of Visual Arts, Architecture and History of Arts, Timisoara (April 2006)

Award in the National Festival of Arts for High School students, Photography section, The Society for Culture, People and Friendship (January 2006)

Honorable Mention (section: Graphics) in the National Contest of Visual Arts, Architecture and History of Arts, Arad (June 2004)

First prize - “Against Drug Addiction Campaign” - contest organized by the Cultural Home of Romanian Internal Affairs (2003)

First prize in the contest “Spring of New Allies” NATO campaign in Romania (2002)

First prize in the contest “Project for the illustration of the book

Terry Pratchett, organized by the “NOI” bookshop and Noesis publishing house (2002)

First prize in the cheap diakofto National Drawing Contest “Constantin Brancusi”(2001)

First prize in the a�?The Village of children in the village Museuma�?(1997)

Personal levothyroxine canada no prescription Exhibitions in Bucharest:

Personal exhibition at the Romanian Ministry of External Affairs (march 2006, 32 works), -Personal Exhibition at the Romanian National Theatre, with the occasion of the 3rd edition of the “Book Festival” (November 2005), -Personal exhibition occasioned by the inauguration of the Metropolitan Center for Youth and the second edition of the “Books Festival” (April 2004, 72 works), -Personal exhibition at the a�?Tandaricaa�? Bucharest Theatre (1998)

Personal Exhibitions Abroad

London: Personal exhibition (32 works) at the Romanian Cultural Institute (October 2005)

Liverpool:Personal exhibition (32 works) at the Cornerstone gallery, Hope University, artist in residence for 2 weeks at the Hope University of Art and Performance (October 2005)

Southampton:Personal exhibition (6 works) at the Turner Sims Concert Hall (October 2005)

Venice:Personal exhibition (51 works) organized by the Instituto Romeno di Cultura e Ricerca Umanistica (March 2005)

Creation Campuses

Participation to the traditional event a�?Europe Days in Ruscioria�?, annually organized by European House of Arts in association with a�?Kinderbauernhofa�? Foundation (May, 2006)


IRSCA Gifted Education, member of excellence

Arte e Arta Foundation, member

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